Gewässerkundlicher Dienst Bayern

Master data u.h. Steghub, Bruecke

Site number: 12876
Community: Simbach a.Inn, St
District: Rottal-Inn
Operator: WWA Deggendorf

Body of water: Kirchberger Bach
Catchment: --
Easting: 797754 (ETRS89 / UTM Zone 32N)
Northing: 5355322

Measurement site in these measurement networks:
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Picture of the measurement site

Picture of the measurement site

Location of the station u.h. Steghub, Bruecke / Kirchberger Bach

Measuring points in the vicinity
Measurement siteCategory
SymbolBurghausenRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolSimbachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolLindenRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Suspended sediment
SymbolPostmünsterRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolPostmünsterRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Suspended sediment
SymbolBirnbachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolTrifternRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolSchermühleRivers: Waterlevel
SymbolPostmünster SeepegelLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolHaiming, Fkm 4Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolalte Brücke HohenwartRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolPostmuenster, BrueckeRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolu.h. Steghub, BrueckeRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbol300 m uh.KW StammhamRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolo.h. Brücke KelchhamRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolKW Simbach UWRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolo.h. MündungRivers: Chemistry
SymbolBrücke uh. StögRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBrücke oberhalb MündungRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbol50 m u.h. KA KoesslarnRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolPegel Oberpiesing rechtsufrigRivers: Chemistry
SymbolSIMBACH BRUECKERivers: Chemistry
SymbolDornitzenRivers: Chemistry
SymbolBruecke vor MuendungRivers: Chemistry
SymbolWiesmuehle, BrueckeRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolLoderhamRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBrücke bei WiesRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBrücke B20Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolKOLLBERG BRUECKERivers: Chemistry
SymbolBrücke KohlstattRivers: Biology
SymbolMahlgassing RestwasserstreckeRivers: Biology
SymbolBruecke OberhamRivers: Biology
SymbolHART-AIGEN 563Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSchuetzing T1Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolSIMBACH B 4AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSCHUETZING 375DGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolOED/MEHRING 576Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSEIBERSDORF 562Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolLEITHEN R6AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolPostmünster Q2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolNOPPLINGER FELD TB846Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolKleinkayGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolPostmünster T5Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolSTEINA VB 1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolNOPPLINGER FELD FB847Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolHAIMING 380AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolLINDACH 577Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolKIRCHHEIM 379AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSengGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - Z4Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - Z5Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - Z6 BaustadlGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - B01Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolInfraServ W-TBYGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - A5Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - A3Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting KläranlageGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmmerting - B04Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolUttlau Quelle 1Groundwater: Flow of well
SymbolBRUNNEN I FÜRSTBERGGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolHitzler/Marienberg 1Groundwater: Flow of well, Temperature of springs
SymbolPerach GWM2-HWS WeitbachGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolPerach GWM1-HWS WeitbachGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAigen B2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B4Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSimbach GWM BR1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B3Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B8Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B7Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B10Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B6Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B9Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAltbach B11Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSimbach GWM 107Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSimbach GWM 113Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSimbach GWM 102Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSimbach GWM 99Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSimbach GWM 115Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
Symbol1131754200112Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131754300134Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110764500027Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110774300001Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120754400014Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120764300007Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120774300008Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110744300068Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131744200197Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131754400097Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131754500070Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131764300064Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131764400057Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110754400007Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131774300128Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110784200027Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131774200054Groundwater: Chemistry
SymbolEggenfeldenMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolFriedingMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolReithMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolRotthalmünsterMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolTrifternMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolSimbach-GrubMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation