Gewässerkundlicher Dienst Bayern

Master data oh. Mdg. Peterstobelbach

Site number: 143241
Community: Wiggensbach, M
District: Oberallgäu
Operator: WWA Kempten

Body of water: Kuernach
Catchment: --
Easting: 586141 (ETRS89 / UTM Zone 32N)
Northing: 5288871

Measurement site in these measurement networks:
  • operative measurement sites

extended master data - (PDF)

Location of the station oh. Mdg. Peterstobelbach / Kuernach

Current location    Rivers   Lakes   Meteorology   Groundwater  

Measuring points in the vicinity
Measurement siteCategory
SymbolKemptenRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature, Suspended sediment
SymbolGschwendRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolGreifenmühleRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolDurachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolStielingsRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolWertachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolWertachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolZwirkenbergRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolSeltmansRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolImmenstadt ZollbrückeRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolMartinszellRivers: Waterlevel
SymbolRottachseeLakes: Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolBühlLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolWeidachwiesen Binnenpolder WLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolWeidachwiesen Hauptpolder WLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolKurzbergLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolSulzberg UWLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolTiefste StelleLakes: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolTiefste StelleLakes: Chemistry, Biology
Symbol0,3 km oh.WehrLakes: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolKempten PegelRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBrücke SeltmannsRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symboloh. MündungRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolStraßenbr. Lautrach-LegauRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolOh. Wegbr. HanebergRivers: Chemistry
SymbolUh. Hirschdorf, uh. Br. B19Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolOh. Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolWegbr. oh. Mdg.Rivers: Biology
SymbolKlausenmühle uh. WehrRivers: Biology
SymbolOh. Ochsenhans, uh. VerrohrungRivers: Biology
SymbolOh. Lacherhofbach, uh. ehem. KA WeilerRivers: Biology
SymbolUh. LandesgrenzeRivers: Biology
Symbol0,1 km oh. Mdg. Bolsternanger BachRivers: Biology
SymbolUh. Straßenbr. GiesenbergRivers: Biology
SymbolBrücke UnterauRivers: Biology
Symboloh. MündungRivers: Biology
SymbolOh. RottachRivers: Biology
SymbolBr. B19, bei KrugzellRivers: Biology
SymbolOberschmittenRivers: Biology
SymbolWegbr. Geratsried-TrabersRivers: Biology
Symboloh. Mdg. PeterstobelbachRivers: Biology
Symbol1 km nördl. LiebenthannmühleRivers: Biology
Symboloh. Strabrü. NeumühleRivers: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS1Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS7Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS2Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS3Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS4Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS5Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt NS6Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS1Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS2Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS3Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS4Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS5Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS6Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS7Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS8Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 1Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 2Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 3Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 4Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 5Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 6Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt 7Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt RS5neuLakes: Biology
SymbolNeumühleGroundwater: Flow of well, Temperature of springs
SymbolKalkofenquelleGroundwater: Flow of well
SymbolKIMRATSHOFEN 703AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMARKT GROENENBACHGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSchweinbergerquelleGroundwater: Flow of well
Symbol1131812600006Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1230822700066Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110832700026Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120802700019Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120812800138Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120822700053Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120832600018Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120842500023Groundwater: Chemistry
SymbolAltusried-MuthmannshofenMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolWeiler-Simmerberg (Kläranlage)Meteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolSpitalhofMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolLautrachMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolRottachseeMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation