Gewässerkundlicher Dienst Bayern

Master data Brücke nach Schönau

Site number: 8305
Community: Drachselsried
District: Regen
Operator: WWA Deggendorf

Body of water: Asbach
Catchment: --
Easting: 4572447.53 m (Gauss-Krueger, Bezug 12° Meridian)
Northing: 5438281.44 m (Gauss-Krueger)

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Picture of the measurement site

Picture of the measurement site

Location of the station Brücke nach Schönau / Asbach

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Measuring points in the vicinity
Measurement siteCategory
SymbolChamerauRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolZwieselRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolSägmühleRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolViechtach ReibenmühleRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolZwieselRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolLohbergRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolKötztingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolKothmaißlingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolPullingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolTeisnachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolLohmannmühleRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolTeisnachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
Symboloh Schönbach 720 üNNRivers: Chemistry
SymbolAblauf Kl. ArberseeRivers: Chemistry
Symbolvor Mdg. See, rechter ZulaufRivers: Chemistry
Symbolvor Mdg. See, linker ZulaufRivers: Chemistry
Symboloh BoebrachRivers: Chemistry
SymbolLudwigsthal-BhfRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolbei SchauerhofRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolHammermühlRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolTeisnach PegelRivers: Chemistry
SymbolTeisnach-SportplatzRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBrücke nach SchönauRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolbei PfahlRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolStrbr. KötztingRivers: Chemistry
SymbolStrbr. v. Mdg. in RegenRivers: Chemistry
Symboloh. Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry
Symboloh. Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry
SymbolPegel KothmaißlingRivers: Chemistry
SymbolSeemitteLakes: Chemistry, Biology
Symboluh MeindlgrubRivers: Biology
SymbolStrbr. uh. MooshütteRivers: Biology
SymbolKM 6.0 - oh. Bad KötztingRivers: Biology
SymbolStrbr. oh. KothmeißlingRivers: Biology
SymbolWegbr. FrahelsRivers: Biology
SymbolStrbr. WeißenholzRivers: Biology
Symboloh. Mdg. SchnabelbachRivers: Biology
SymbolHienhardt Q 1+2Groundwater: Flow of well
SymbolHienhardt Quelle 2Groundwater: Flow of well
SymbolHohenwarth 14/2Groundwater: Flow of well, Temperature of springs
SymbolGEHMANNSBERG 407Groundwater: Flow of well
SymbolBlaibach Quelle 1-4Groundwater: Flow of well
Symbol4110694400007Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120674300036Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120674400013Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120684300093Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120684400017Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120684400089Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120694200049Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120704300006Groundwater: Chemistry
SymbolTeisnachMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolAllmannsdorfMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolKirchbergMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation