Gewässerkundlicher Dienst Bayern

Master data Wegbr. Untermaessing

Site number: 96670
Community: Greding, St
District: Roth
Operator: WWA Nürnberg

Body of water: Schwarzach
Catchment: --
Easting: 4448743.20 m (Gauss-Krueger, Bezug 12° Meridian)
Northing: 5439467.58 m (Gauss-Krueger)

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Picture of the measurement site

Picture of the measurement site

Location of the station Wegbr. Untermaessing / Schwarzach

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Measuring points in the vicinity
Measurement siteCategory
SymbolBeilngries oberh. der SulzRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolMettendorfRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolHolnsteinRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolRoth KläranlageRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolRoth BleicheRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolRothaurachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolRothsee Hauptsperre AblaufRivers: Runoff
SymbolEnkeringRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolKinding KARivers: Waterlevel
SymbolRothsee HauptsperreLakes: Waterlevel
SymbolHauptsperre tiefste StelleLakes: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolGrögling BrückeRivers: Chemistry
SymbolBRÜCKE FORSTER MÜHLERivers: Chemistry
SymbolBr.Uh. ErlingshofenRivers: Chemistry
SymbolKinding obere BrueckeRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBr. oh. Mdg. in RMD-KanalRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolGeorgensgmuend, Br. oh Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolRoth, Strbr. WestringRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolPegel Roth oh Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symboloh MD-KanalRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolWegbr. UntermaessingRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBrücke PlankstettenRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbol900m oh BiberbachRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolStrbr. Hofstetten (bei Hilpoltstein)Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolStrbr. oh Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry
SymbolBrücke LeisingRivers: Biology
Symbol700m uh KA ErlingshfnRivers: Biology
Symbol100m uh Fischzucht_PetermühleRivers: Biology
Symboluh. RitzermühleRivers: Biology
SymbolBr. uh HeimbachmündungRivers: Biology
Symbolehem. Wegbr. bei BraunmühleRivers: Biology
Symboluh RothaurachRivers: Biology
SymbolReismühleRivers: Biology
SymbolHauptsperre Transekt Badezone HeubergLakes: Biology
SymbolBoje NSGLakes: Biology
SymbolEinlaufbereichLakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt01Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt02Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt03Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt04Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt05Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt06Lakes: Biology
SymbolTransekt07Lakes: Biology
SymbolBADANHAUSEN 8BGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolGUNGOLDING 928Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolARNSBERG 927Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolOberemmendorf NBS N/I BK9.1/3Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolPFRAUNDORF 625AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMUEHLHAUSEN Q8Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolKleinalfalterbach Quelle 1Groundwater: Flow of well
SymbolBlaubrunnenGroundwater: Flow of well
SymbolGEMARKG.BOEHMING V 10AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEckersmühlen Q 9Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolUNTEREMMENDORF 693Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 1 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 2 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 3 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 4 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 5 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 6 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBSM 7 SulzrenaturierungGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolKINDING 692Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolRaitenbuch KMS 1Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolEttenstadt-Reuth u. NeuhausGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolHofstetten Q 10Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolPETERSGMUEND TB 209Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolMINDORF 435AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMUEHLHAUSEN TB 877Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolPETERSGMUEND FB 210Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolRÖCKERSBÜHL Kms1Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolLAFFENAUGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolOBERSTEINBACH (K-8)Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolUntermässing K 10Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
Symbol1131703400010Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1132673300265Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1132703300019Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110673200011Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110673300001Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110673300020Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110673400007Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110683200017Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110683400004Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120683400024Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120693200014Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4120693400062Groundwater: Chemistry
SymbolRothsee bei AllersbergMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolLangensallachMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolRöckersbühlMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolFederhofMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation