Gewässerkundlicher Dienst Bayern

Master data uh KA Langenbach

Site number: 105588
Community: Langenbach
District: Freising
Operator: WWA München

Body of water: Langenbach
Catchment: --
Easting: 711382 (ETRS89 / UTM Zone 32N)
Northing: 5370383

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  • supporting measurement sites

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Picture of the measurement site

Picture of the measurement site

Location of the station uh KA Langenbach / Langenbach

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Measuring points in the vicinity
Measurement siteCategory
SymbolGosseltshausenRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolFreisingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolFreisingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolFreisingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolOberdingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolInkofenRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature, Suspended sediment
SymbolNeumühlschwaigRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolLangengeislingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolLangengeislingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolAppoldingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolOperdingRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolTiefenbachRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolMoosburg QRivers: Runoff
SymbolMoosburg QRivers: Runoff
SymbolAltdorfRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolWolnzach Rivers: Runoff, Waterlevel, Water temperature
SymbolMoosburgRivers: Runoff, Waterlevel
SymbolWolnzach (alt)Rivers: Waterlevel
SymbolMoosburgRivers: Waterlevel
SymbolHMS Moosburg Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolÜMS Pegel InkofenRivers: Chemistry, Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBruecke StarzhausenRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolRiegerau / Furt HangenhamRivers: Chemistry
SymbolZengermoosRivers: Chemistry
Symboluh Fischteich MoosmühleRivers: Chemistry
SymbolSchnabelmoosRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBr Obergadener AuRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBr uh Gaden/ uh Br ED 19Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBr oh MdgRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolHOFHAMRivers: Chemistry
SymbolUNTERHALB ARTHRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolWertstoffhofRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBruecke uh. FlugplatzRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symboluh Ausleitung Werkkanal MoosburgRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolHangenhamRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolFlkm 0,4 WangRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symboluh KA LangenbachRivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBr. FS 44/ Steg oh. Mdg.Rivers: Chemistry, Biology
SymbolBr südl BachmühleRivers: Chemistry, Biology
Symbolbei TrollRivers: Chemistry
Symboloh Zufluss AltachRivers: Chemistry
SymbolWartenberg oh KA Pegel AppoldingRivers: Chemistry
SymbolGuendlkofen, Bruecke LA 52Rivers: Chemistry
Symboloh Br ED 7Rivers: Biology
Symbolo.h. Pegel NeumühlschwaigRivers: Biology
Symboloh KA LangenbachRivers: Biology
Symboloh ErchingRivers: Biology
Symboloestl GrafingRivers: Biology
SymbolAllershausen AusleitungsstreckeRivers: Biology
Symboluh LangenpreisingRivers: Biology
SymbolBr EnzelhausenRivers: Biology
Symboluh FrauenvilsRivers: Biology
Symbolwestl PullingRivers: Biology
SymbolFS /Landshuter StrRivers: Biology
Symboloh.Autob-br. WeixerauRivers: Biology
Symbolwestl. Flughafen/KammermüllerhofRivers: Biology
SymbolZengermoosRivers: Biology
SymbolFurt südl HangenhamRivers: Biology
Symboloh Berglern Rivers: Biology
Symboluh SchachtmühleRivers: Biology
Symboloh Betonwerk ZollingRivers: Biology, Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBr nördl HirschauRivers: Biology
Symboluh HeinrichsruhRivers: Biology
SymbolECHING 275DGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEmling (Straßmeier) 906Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolFREISING 275CGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAchering T 9fGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolINKOFEN 910Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolINKOFEN T 5Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolVilsheim T13Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolBARTMUEHLE 75.2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMOOSHAEUSL 909AGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEUGENBACH 93Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolPULLING Q 8Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolEITTING Q 10Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolGLASLERN Q 11Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolDIETERSHEIM Q 15Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolKRANZBERG Q 2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMARZLING Q 5Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolACHERING Q 9Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolRudelzhausen Q 1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolErlau Q 4Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMoosburg Q 20Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolErding-SiglfingGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSchweitenkirchen tiefGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolSchweitenkirchen flachGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolAchering T 9tGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolBOCKHORN T 16Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolMAUERN T 1Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolHAINDLFING T 4Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolBAUMBERG T 10Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolMOOSWIESENWEG 18 BGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMoosburg Isar 1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolErdinger WehrGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolMoosburg Isar 2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolFS-LERCHENFELD PB1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolErding-Klettham 1Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolErding-Klettham 2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolWolnzach T2Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolErding-Klettham 3Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolVOLKMANNSDORF 75.5Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolSIEBENSEE 95Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBK2 WOLNZACHGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBK3 WOLNZACHGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBK6 WOLNZACHGroundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolRAMERMUEHLE 75.3Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBRUCKB.FELD TB 774Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolGRAFENHAUN T5Groundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolALTDORF Q3Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
SymbolBRUNNEN I FurthGroundwater: Deep groundwater layer
SymbolHELFENBRUNN 300Groundwater: Upper groundwater layer
Symbol1131733800013Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131743500109Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131743700363Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131743800030Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131743800032Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131743800258Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131743800453Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131753500369Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131753600393Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131753800358Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131753800424Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1131763800374Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol1132743500123Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110733600002Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110743600002Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110763500002Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110763600001Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110763800014Groundwater: Chemistry
Symbol4110773700025Groundwater: Chemistry
SymbolSteinkirchen-HofstarringMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolFreisingMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolZurnhausenMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolDietrichsdorfMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolHüllMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolFrankendorfMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation
SymbolViehhausenMeteorology: Precipitation, Snow, Wind, Air temperatur, Air moisture, Air pressure, Global radiation